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I beat it!  I played through the whole game, including all of the new game.  VERY GOOD game!


I am on mission 37.  The passing score is 10000!  Does anyone have any idea of the best way to best this.  The time limit is so short!  THANKS.


An accessible game that’s still challenging.


Does anyone know the best way though message 15?  I have seen a videos of someone playing this game.  When they were on mission 15, they needed a score of 30000 to pass it.  When I play it, I need a score of 50000.  I do not know why.  Does anyone have any ideas?


Hi there, can you confirm the build # you are currently playing on? You can view it in the top left corner on the main menu.

I have 1.0.22


Hi, I can translate your game into Spanish, so you can reach a wider audience.


I put in the the APPLICATIONS sections.  It seems to be working.


I have brought the game, I downloaded the Mac version of the game.  However, when I try to play it, I get this message: CAN'T FIND GAME.  This happens when I click on the icon.  I don't know what is going on here?


Absolutely insane that this is made in Gamemaker. Probably the best looking game Ive seen come out of that engine.


Wait - all of this is in in GMS?? 👀


Yup! The Code Wakers team are a couple of mad scientists.


Gamemaker is very powerfull, you just have to know how to program

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I love this game. I buy it for Switch. It's an retro epic battle in the sky where you're like a Spike in his Swordfish. Thank you !!!!


this looks amazing! But i will wait for my "indieconsoloe"-Nintendo Switch release :D

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Thank you! I have good news, it's already available on Switch :)


I LOVE IT!  you did an amazing work.