Patch Notes v1.0.4.1

In Stars and Time's very first patch notes... Thank you for your patience! I have put a couple issues in bold because I know they were a problem for many, or because they're funny and I want people to know. One is the screenshot issue which is FIXED, the other is a brand new Tutorial Kid event! Yes it's new! I didn't just forget to enable it! OKAY!!!!

Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4&5 owners, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little longer! Porting this new update will take some time, and that's without counting the approval time from the consoles themselves. And also it's the holidays. Expect this update sometime early January! I guess! I don't actually know!! SORRY!!!!!!!!!!

As always, if you find a bug/issue of any kind, please make sure to log them here! Thank you!



-Pressing F12 won't open devtools anymore. You can take screenshots on Steam now!!!!

-Might have fixed the "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of null." error. We couldn't replicate the error however, so let us know if it still pops up.

-Fixed up Japanese profiles so the words aren't offscreen

-Against the King, when he does his OHKO attack, if you had less than 4 people with the Mirabelle normal shield, everyone would die. THIS IS FIXED!!!!

-You won't get 2 Memories of Tonics anymore. Just one. (Not retroactive! Sorry)

-Fixed an issue in dialogue with Examining Bourdon where if the player defeated more than one rock or paper hand, the game thinks you defeated a scissors hand no matter what

-Memory of SO WEAK!!! now will give the corresponding skill.

-Bonnie's Snack 2 event conversation will now only FF through choices you’ve made once before

-Using your dagger during a King fight in Act 3 wont let you keep the (Ask…) skill after the battle anymore

-On max lvl, replaced current EXP with "MAX" and EXP to next level with "0"

-If youre in act 5, did Miraquest but didn’t do Odilequest yet: entering the shop forbids you from exiting. You HAVE to do it

-Act 5, after king fight, going down and then being forced to go back up wont softlock you if you bump into Odile

-If got the random event in the meadow when Siffrin forgets Mirabelle's name, afterwards the game won't act as if you're in loop 1

-Hitting Mirabelle, Isabeau or Odile's max lvl event won't make the event repeat after every fight

-If you never stepped on the banana peel before Act 5, stepping on it wont be allowed

-Fixed all locked doors so you can't get stuck between a locked door and a sadness

-Sif won't look SUPER DEPRESSED when fighting Tutokid in Act 4

-Resized a certain Act 5 illustration

-Can't show items to loop during Act 5 anymore

-Lowered shock, surprise, and info SFX during dialogue to 55%. So chances are it won't blow up your fragile eardrums

-If you ONLY have the short gizmo gadget and the secret ingredient, you won't be able to create the bomb anymore.

-Upped max number of Memories of Skirmish you can get from 99 to 999. Should fix all teleport math. Since the max was 99, anything over that would get lost during teleport.

-Added a failsafe to the gameover screen so you don't have the FF symbol/can't FF during gameover. Dying and getting a gameover screen should fix any burned in nodding sif issues as well. Seems like it was happening in NG+?

-Fixed continuity error where on Floor 1, after getting the Crest, Mirabelle would say "maybe it will help clear the way" if you have NOT seen the row of tears, and "maybe it'll be useful later" if you did.

-Translated Fast-Forward option in Japanese.

-Added text variable update to battle start (so memory of family text can be updated for the end of each battle)


-Tutokid battle now gets a small event as the battle starts.

-Sif will now walk to the middle of the screen on first tutorial enemy scene

-A certain bird is now French like everyone else

-Fixed text tones for a couple dialogue boxes

-Changed English description for NOT OVER YET skill

-In Act 5 Snack 2, NPCs now disappear during the glitch.

-Buncha typo fixes

-Changed where ghost Sif appears and disappears on Act 5 Floor 3

-Last ghost Sifs in Act 5 Floor 3 are now visible

-Enemies from Bonniquest will make Siffrin and Bonnie flinch in their portraits

-Bonniequest 1st fight will have the bg scroll as intended

-Bonnie now faces down at the end of their quest instead of facing left the whole time. What's over there Bonnie

-Fixed up a couple skill descriptions to add the friends/allies/family members variable

-Fixed up credits

-During the normal King fight, at the last fight event, music will stop For Dramatic Effect and come back

-If Odilequest has been done during the loop, Odile won't look suspiciously at lists in the library

-You're now more likely to find things in barrels if Memory of Barrels is equipped

-Added battle song failsafe so the king song doesn’t start during normal battles


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