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Am I supposed to have a crystal in storage after I land again? 

If yes then I do I need to restart on account of I may have accidentally disposed of it? 

Never mind. I figured out what happened.


Excellent, excellent game. Gave me the true experience of hopelessly flailing in a device that I am woefully undertrained to operate, then slowly figuring out what I'm doing (or, alternatively, dying by questioning whether or not I can ram a door down).

Great vibes, and the learning new things aspect really lends itself to making you feel like saying "FUCK IT" and pushing your tiny craft to its limits in order to just squeeze out alive.

Loved it! What an immersive, unique and captivating experience!


Such a great game and a very unique take on the genre. The whole experience was very fun, figuring out how the controls works, and how you can control it even better really added to the escaping worker narrative. 2-3 attempts got me to the ending, with each death I learned my errors and got closer and closer to that ending. The base game itself is a hands down unique and memorable experience. Downside is only that, it could have a bit more content, more interactions, and more chance to go nuts with the killing and upgraded weapon. But I'm just nitpicking at this point, since I crave for MORE. All in all, thank you for the great experience!

Such a unique atmosphere! (No pun intended) And I must say, I love a game that doesn't overstay its welcome. I'd praise more, but I shouldn't spoil the story.

One constructive criticism, if it's not too spoilery to leave here: I found a *certain subsystem* critical to cheesing the game. Once I learned how to leave it turned on all the time, I just left it turned on all the time. I'm not sure if that was the intended experience, as crashing into walls became the biggest hazard from then on. Still! Hardly ruined the experience.


I'm having some issues with the game. I downloaded the Mac version, but it wouldn't start. I don't know what I should do to open the game.... 

(I have a MacBook Air)

Had the same issue, this fixed it: 


It just says that I don't have permission to open the file, I'm the admin of my Mac and I set it so that it should allow me to open it, but the problem persists.

I got the game from the Ukraine bundle btw.

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Hello, I'm really loving this game so far but I think I might have run into a bug. When I started the game, I was refilling fuel from nethooks fine, but now whenever I try to refuel my fuel gauge doesn't increase at all. I am sure it's the right tank.

Edit: Oops, It's in my storage now. I guess I forgot that step. Leaving this up if anyone else had the same issue. 


Had an absolute blast playing this!

Surprisingly, after failing to start the engine on my first run, I fully beat the game on my second (although I'm sure I missed a lot).

What would be the best way to report some minor bugs?


why is it cheaper on steam?


Hi, it should be the same price, are you sure both steam and itch are displaying the same currency?

aaaah, my bad, my steam was in euros! thanks

Nice style and might be right up my alley as I'm a sucker for nautical as well as games with roguelike elements.
Do you plan to release it for Linux as well?

Curious as well. Dunno if it could be run with Wine, otherwise? Definitely want to get this for a friend as a Xmas present but he's a full Linux guy.

sorry @murks and @rykerish, but no planned linux release at this point.
Wine might be a way to go, but I haven't tried.

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Hi, thanks for the support! and by all means, go with whatever platform you prefer, I'm 100% committed to support both : )

Ah a man of culture I see. Man, this does give of 20,000 league vibes

Wishlisting this & will buy when you release a GNU/Linux build! Looks exciting :)


Bravo! Just finished the game. It's a great piece of work all around. I can't praise it any more specifically as I want to avoid spoilers, and much of the pleasure of this game is figuring out what the player can even do, then figuring out what to do with that knowledge.

I desperately want to play this game in VR, no gameplay differences needed. The fuddling about of "what does this button do?", with the tactile sense of actually operating this bizarre contraption, would be a sublime experience.


Nethack meet Mirrormoon EP meet 20,000 leagues under the sea.... This game have a great potential. You may dead a lot, but  after every death you'll get new information. This game, is in my top list for this 2019.


This game looks great, really looking forward to giving it a shot! Any word on a release date or possible demo?



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Awesome, can't wait!