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nice game


I really enjoyed this game. I went into it with little to no expectations, since I tend to just download anything on my screen and play it, and was pleasantly surprised by several fun hours of gameplay. The dialogue was solid. The puzzles were pretty neat. I really had a good time. The story was pretty interesting and I liked it! Wasn't bad at all. Thanks for making such a fun game. I love loop stories.


This was really great! I don't usually get into Adventure Games despite liking the idea of them, because the story pacing drags or the puzzles are obtuse or the story ends up being not well done, but everything clicks into place with this one. Graphics and Music set just the right mood, and the looming threat of the falling moon, plus the different possible apocalyptic dangers make for interesting playthroughs, and it all balances well. Thanks for making it!




Hi,Do you have any plans for the mobile version?




i watched Markiplier play this and i'm exited to play this myself




This game was made by that dude who made the deep sleep series right? Too bad im broke and cant buy it i want it so bad


same, i would buy this but i have no money


Not only that, but this game connects to the Deep Sleep trilogy lore and even has a recurring character. 


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